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God's Compassion

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

The sanctuary will continue to remain closed until further notice due the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID19).

As Senior Pastor, I must remind you that the conditions of the world are controlled by God. God is creator, controller, and commander. He is also the creator of its inhabitance (people) of the world. God created and constructed the world by His supreme power. God alone controls the world by two laws: HIS PERFECT WILL or HIS PERMISSIVE WILL. Therefore, only God can change the world’s conditions, heal the land and bring relief to our problems. As Christians, we cannot lean to our own understanding; but in all of our ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct our path. (Proverbs 3:6)

The leaders of the world are duplicating the philosophy of Pharaoh and in many ways God has removed His hedge of protection. For example, during Pharaoh’s time when God’s people was in the land of Egypt and Pharaoh disobeyed God, He allowed the ten deadly plagues to come upon the land. (Exodus chapters 7 through 11) Currently, the conduct of worldly leadership also mirrors Pharaoh’s actions with the disrespect of God through self-exaltation. Because of this, God has allowed by his PERMISSIVE WILL, this pandemic and other catastrophes to chastise the world and its’ leadership.

Today, the world is faced with many plagues: environmental disasters, political unrest, racial injustice and legal discrimination. While some of these plagues does not apply to you personally, as a people we have all been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Some of you have contracted the virus and have been successfully treated. For that, I say “to God be the Glory.” However, many of us have had family members or friends who have died from the virus. I have loss a niece and several of my brethren in the ministry. Our government simply has not been honest about the deadly effects of the virus.

The worldwide destruction from the pandemic (COVID-19) has been ignored by the world leadership and we see their failures. Yet, they will not turn to God for an answer. God is still in control of His creation and His creatures. Don’t worry about anything and pray about everything! Because prayers delayed are not prayers denied. In the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude, pray that God will give you peace and deliverance, in times like these. Every believer, every Christian, must turn to God in prayer that God will change the conditions, and God will heal the land.

Yours In His Name,

Dr. Landon L. Williams, Sr.


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